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Supporting Community Dining at St. Luke's / San Lucas

St. Paul's parishioners cook and serve breakfast and lunch in Chelsea, Massachusetts on the first Saturday of each month.  Come help for breakfast, lunch, or both and make friends and meet the community at St. Luke's / San Lucas.  Contact Jim Rosato.

Condon School Holidays Gifts

Each Christmas, St. Paul's parishioners provide gifts for students at the Condon School.  These children would otherwise have no gifts at Christmas.  It's a joyful way to share our abundance at this festive time of year.  Contact Jonna Casey.


Each summer, St. Paul's partners with other parishes to offer time and talent to support the Diocese's B-SAFE program, which provides a safe, fun, and academically enriching environment for around 600 elementary and middle school students in Boston and Chelsea.  Contact Heather Doyle.

St. Paul's Garden

Parishioners as well as students at the Bethlehem School tend St. Paul's vegetable garden.  Harvested vegetables are donated to local food pantries.  Contact Gayle Richardson.

St. Paul’s Prayer Shawl group creates beautiful, snuggly shawls for people who could use some comfort, and for our newly baptized infants.  All knitters and crocheters are encouraged to join the group, no matter what your skill level. This is a great opportunity to serve and to get to know fellow needleworkers.  Contact Kathleen Manoogian.

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