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Bethlehem Artworks to Visit

On Sunday, December 1st, St. Paul’s will have two visitors from Bethlehem Artworks ( to talk about their ministry at the 8:30 and 10AM services, and to display their olivewood artwork from the Holy Land in the Great Room during Coffee Hour.  Bethlehem Artworks is endorsed by Bishop Gayle Harris, whose main episcopal ministry is with the Holy Land.

The Bethlehem Artworks raises awareness about the Christian families living in the Holy cities of Bethlehem and Jerusalem by visiting the churches, providing information about the Christians of the Holy Land, and selling their handmade olive wood and mother of pearl religious articles.  As their website says, "80% of our Christian brothers and sisters depend on tourism for their livelihood. Due to the war-like conditions, clashes, and the separation wall around Bethlehem, tourists are coming in decreasing numbers, making it very difficult for the Christian families to find their daily bread and thus causing them to immigrate and flee their homeland. The Christian population of the Holy Land was once over 65%; today it is less than 1%. If it continues like this, in a few years you will find no Christians in the land of Christ."  The organization’s ministry is to help these Christian families survive and stay in their homeland. 

We hope you'll help us welcome our guests from Bethlehem Artworks on December 1st.


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