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St. Paul's Co-hosts Electronics Recycling Event - Almost Anything Goes!

Everyone will likely have something to recycle on April 29.

That computer you used to write term papers on in college that used floppy disks ... A Walkman that stopped walking in 1987 ... A camera that takes film ... An old portable black and white TV ... A junk drawer stuffed with exhausted AAA batteries ... Your kid's old bike that lost a wheel ... A wad a wires and cable that are used for -- who remembers?

Any and all electronic items, bikes, appliances are accepted! Gather them up and bring them to St. Paul's (127 Summer Street in Lynnfield) on Saturday, April 29, 2023 for an Electronic Recycling Event from 9am-2pm, rain or shine. St. Paul's Outreach and Creation Care Team is co-hosting this event with Green Day Recycling. Cost to recycle items varies from $0 for old cell phones, bikes, wires, cables, batteries, keyboards and tablets up to $40 for projection TVs. Cash is preferred and checks accepted for more than $30. Twenty percent of the profits from this event will go to St. Paul's Outreach and Creation Care ministries.

This is a rare opportunity to unload all those items that are cluttering up your basements, attics, and shelves while helping the planet and St. Paul's as well.

If you have questions, please email


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