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Youth Mental Health First Aid

Article after article about the increasing rates of anxiety and depression among youth and young adults offer insights into the mounting challenges that the new generation faces. In response to these challenges, A Healthy Lynnfield will offer a Youth Mental Health First Aid training at St. Paul's on Wednesday and Friday, March 4 and March 6, from 8:30am to 12:30pm.

Teenaged girl sitting alone in a window sill, looking depressed.

This will be the second training program offered at St. Paul’s by A Healthy Lynnfield. Back in October, those who attended a similar program on Mental Health First Aid for Adults gained a great deal of insight and requested a second training that focuses on assisting youth.  Like the first training, this is another eight-hour certificate training program, and is called Youth Mental Health First Aid.


All who have an interest in youth mental health are encouraged to attend. Erica McNamara, who conducted the October training, will offer the Youth Mental Health training. Registration is required; to register visit the Healthy Lynnfield website.


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