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Construction Progresses!

If you’ve been in the church lately, you know it’s a noisy, dusty, smelly place. Renovations are progressing full-steam ahead in the the Sanctuary, the upstairs bathroom, Rector’s office, Common Room, and Bethlehem School downstairs. For ongoing updates on bathroom availability and more, keep your eye on the weekly e-Courier. To get the big picture of the plan and its financing, please take a look at the Building Plan for St. Paul’s.

Construction at the Bethlehem School
The Bethlehem School construction is well underway. (Dick Shafner photo)

It’s a summer to exercise flexibility, patience, imagination, and hard work. To work around the construction, summer Sunday services have moved into the Great Room for the time being, and Wednesday services and Bible study are rotating among parishioners’ homes. Some regular summer activities (e.g., our garden) have had to take a hiatus due to our planned construction. But, come September, we’ll be back to normal, better than ever with a refreshed look and added functionality.

Many, many thanks to Dave Garlow and the Dream Team for their huge efforts in this important work! And thanks to those helping manage the process: to our Altar Guild for transforming the Great Room into a welcoming sanctuary, to the parishioners opening their homes to Wednesday Eucharist and Bible study, and to Julia Nelson, Sam Nelson, and Fr. Rob for bearing with and helping navigate the general upheaval that comes with construction on a daily basis.

Refurbishing the sanctuary
During renovations, Sunday services will continue to take place in the Great Room. (Dick Shafner photo)


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