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The Parish of St. Paul’s was founded in 1918 as a community of faith in Lynnfield within the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts.  This small group of interested Episcopalians met in their homes, encouraged by the tireless zeal of Ms. Gertrude Emery and others.


In 1924, St. Paul’s was authorized as a mission church with Dr. Charles Lancaster, rector of the Church of the Good Shepherd in Reading, in charge.  Without a building to call home, worshipers met at the Center Congregational Church for the next six years. 


In 1930, the home of Robert Rourke, located next to the present church, was purchased, becoming the congregation's first owned church building, where they worshipped for 20 years with the guidance of the Rev. Charles Charlton and the Rev. Stewart C. Harbinson, rector of Emmanuel Church in Wakefield.


Ms. Emery, a continuing champion for St. Paul's and its continued growth, turned the first spadeful of earth for the present church building in 1949.  The building was dedicated in 1950.


In 1959, classrooms were added to accommodate our successful Bethlehem School.  In 1985 even more classrooms were added to the Bethlehem School and a much needed and subsequently well-used kitchen was added for congregation gatherings.


Parishioners and friends of St. Paul’s purchased and installed our current cupola and bell in 1995, making the voice of St. Paul’s well heard.  As we continued to grow, St. Paul’s completed a gathering space in 1997 and raised funds for a new organ, installed in 2011.


Although we don't know where God’s voice will lead us, St. Paul’s has always been ready to move with His leading, ready for growth, and ready to act both on behalf of and for the sake of others.  As we continue this journey, we are eternally grateful to all those in our community and surrounding towns who have contributed so much to St. Paul's past.

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