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O U T R E A C H   M I N I S T R I E S


We support Amirah's work in hosting and supporting the recovery of women who have survived prostitution, sex trafficking, and sexual exploitation.

Creation Care

St. Paul's garden, one of the Creation Care team's efforts, provides fresh produce for local food programs.  Contact Cheryl Duckworth.

Holiday Gifts

Each Advent, we provide Christmas gifts for families of the Murphy School in Dorchester. It's a joyful way to share our abundance. Contact Jonna Casey.

Prayer Shawls

Our knitting group makes prayer shawls to give to anyone in need of comfort and love. Contact Kathleen Mannogian.

St. Luke's

Once a month, we prepare and serve breakfast and lunch at St. Luke's Community Dining Room in Chelsea. Contact Paul Bowen.

As the hub of activity in St. Paul’s work in reflecting the light of Christ in our communities, the Outreach Committee identifies and organizes ministries and services that support people in need.  The Committee meets monthly and welcomes newcomers at any time.  Contact Paul Bowen.

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