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Lenten Evening Series on Discovering "The Wisdom Pattern"

Come join in the fun and discovery of Lent with friends and neighbors, as together we learn about Fr. Richard Rohr's newest book, The Wisdom Pattern: Order, Disorder, Reorder.

St. Paul's in Lynnfield, Church of the Good Shepherd in Reading, and Emmanuel Church in Wakefield once again are pleased to offer joint evenings during Lent during which parishioners may learn, discuss, and worship together.

We will meet on Zoom from 7:00-8:00 p.m. on three Wednesdays:

February 24 (led by The Rev. Stephanie Bradbury)

March 10 (led by The Rev. Rob Bacon)

March 24 (led by The Rev Brian Raiche)

Zoom invitations will be emailed prior to each meeting. To be added to the email invitation list, email the office.

The book's Preface outlines three stages: "Order," which by itself normally wants to eliminate any disorder and diversity, creating a narrow and cognitive rigidity in both people and systems; "Disorder," which by itself closes us off from any primal union, meaning, and eventually even sanity in both people and systems; and "Reorder," or transformation of people and systems, which happens when both are seen to work together.

Reading the book isn't necessary, but may be enjoyable. Mark your calendar and let us draw closer to God and each other.

From the publisher's description: "We are indeed 'saved' by knowing and surrendering to this universal pattern of reality. Knowing the full pattern allows us to let go of our first order, trust the disorder, and, sometimes even hardest of all--to trust the new reorder. Three big leaps of faith for all of us, and each of a different character." -- from the Introduction

A universal pattern can be found in all societies and in fact in all of creation. We see it in the seasons of the year; the stories of Scripture; the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus; the rise and fall of civilizations; and even in our own lives. In this new version of one of his earlier books, Father Richard Rohr illuminates the way understanding and embracing this pattern can give us hope in difficult times and the courage to push through messiness and even great chaos to find a new way of being in the world.


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