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B-SAFE Needs You in July - Even for Just a Few Hours

Imagine you could reach out and help new immigrants (of any religion), get to know young people on their home turf and find common ground with them while sharing a meal. Do you love to be a role model of unconditional, wholehearted love and connection?

Then please join our B-SAFE mission this summer! This is wonderful chance to share fellowship with others from St. Paul’s, our partners at Church of the Good Shepherd (Reading), and, of course, the B-SAFE kids.

What are you signing up for? There are a few different needs to fill.

  • Do you love cooking, planning, prepping, or serving a meal? Then join our Sunday, July 14th prep day, or Monday, July 15th and Tuesday, July 16th lunch serve. Our guests are 100 or so children and youth from the Chelsea area. They love to see what is for lunch each day! Plan to have a seat and join them for the meal, chat, connect, listen, share, serve, and help clean up. There are also opportunities to sit quietly and read with the kids, too. All this and you are home by 3pm or even earlier!

  • Our “Big Splash” is the Friday, July 19th field trip. The description of the day is posted in the Great Room at St. Paul’s. The day goes very quickly and – wow! – there’s so much to enjoy! This field trip will be in Reading near REI at the Peter Sanborn Place. Your help is welcome for any part of the day’s events.

  • If you find that this week of July is already booked, we would love some advance help with gathering needed supplies. Sign-up sheets for those are also in the Great Room on the B-SAFE poster. Thank you in advance!

If you are planning to join us, please fill out the registration attached below. We need to be clear about who is joining us, and the time you can be with us. While there have been small changes in the B-SAFE week to meet changing needs, reading with kids, sharing our meal with the kids, assuring they leave with happy bellies and hearts all remain.

If you have questions, please email Heather Doyle at or call her at 978-270-7839.


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