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Bethlehem School Update

From Carmelina Padovani, Bethlehem School Director --

I cannot believe that June is fast approaching. On behalf of the entire Bethlehem staff, we would like to thank the parishioners, Father Rob, Bethlehem Board and the vestry for all of our support for another successful school year for the children and their families. We would like to wish everyone a very happy and healthy summer!

Our last day of school will be June 5th, with our end-of-year concert on June 6th and 7th. And immediately following the close of school activities, the School’s renovations begin.

And I share this from the National Association for the Education of Young Children:

"Children's Work Is Their Play"

Years of research on children's learning and development document the many benefits of play for children's intellectual, social, emotional, physical and language development. Children at play are actively involved in creating themes, exploring, establishing environments, solving problems and developing shared understandings.

Children play in many ways. They play independently, sometimes near each other, but with each child engrossed in his/her own activity (parallel play). As children grow, they learn to play cooperatively and organize roles for group play.

As children play with each other, they learn the following:

  • To see other children's points of view and begin to become more empathetic and caring

  • They come to understand customs and rules in their own culture and appreciate those of others

  • They learn to use language in new ways to describe their play and to interact with others

  • In play, children develop their muscles and coordination

We support children's play by providing space, opportunity and materials.

Play is fun! But it is also serious business that pays big dividends to its eager young investors!


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