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Why Lingering after Coffee Hour Can Pay Off

On Sunday, June 23, parishioner Karin Torres invited her friends Karen and Tom to St. Paul’s to seek a blessing of their car, which had recently been in a minor accident. Karin explained that the blessing of vehicles is a celebrated tradition in Colombia where her friend Karen is from. In fact, each year on July 16th, Colombia celebrates the Virgen del Carmen, the patron saint of all vehicles, on her festival day by taking to the streets honking their horns and parading images of the Virgin in processions on land and water. Karin has had her own cars blessed by Fr. Rob back in 2016 and 2017.

Tom expresses his joy at having been sprinkled and blessed with holy water. (Karin Torres photo)

So, after coffee hour on Sunday, Fr. Rob gathered and blessed some water and proceeded to the parking lot. Sprinkling the blessed water on the vehicle and its driver and passenger, he prayed for their well-being and safety. Not to miss out on a rare opportunity, Kathleen Manoogian and Tom Hubbard also had Fr. Rob bless them and their cars (and Tom's bikes, which were on his bike rack).


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