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Prayer Squares and Shawls Available

Prayer Squares

The St. Paul's Knitting Group has been busy making prayer squares for parish members. They hope that these squares will serve as prompts to pray throughout the day and serve as tangible reminders of God's peace and love, especially during these difficult times.

Over the next several weeks, parishioners will be contacted to find out if they'd like to receive a prayer square and, if so, how many for their household. To minimize contact in light of COVID-19, the squares will be left outside in a designated place.

Prayer Shawls

For years, the Knitting Group has been making prayer shawls for folks in need of comfort and support. During these very difficult times, many of us are either struggling ourselves or know someone who is. Unless the Knitting Group is contacted, they aren't necessarily aware of who would benefit from the gift of a shawl. Please contact Fr. Rob or Kathleen Manoogian if you know someone who could use a shawl and they'll make it happen.

Thank you, St. Paul's Knitting Group!


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