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Remembering with Beauty

We all know that the vases of flowers in our sanctuary help make our worship space a place of beauty.  What we all may not know is that the flowers that grace our chancel are given by parishioners each week as a way to remember loved ones who have died, or to express thanks for a variety of blessings.  Parishioners sign up to donate altar flowers in advance so that those who are being remembered can be noted in the service bulletin.

The calendar for signing up to provide altar flowers is on display in the Great Room.  If you would like to memorialize or give thanks for a loved one or event, or make a change to a date you’ve selected in the past, please contact Gail Purtz who coordinates the altar flowers. The donation for one vase of flowers is $25.  Please drop your check into the collection plate in the month your donation is scheduled.  Note in the memo line the date your donation is scheduled for.

Please note that, during Advent and Lent, flowers are not put in the Sanctuary to help reflect the more somber tone of those liturgical seasons. 


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