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St. Paul's Becomes an Amirah Partner

At its June 2022 meeting, the St. Paul’s Vestry voted to officially partner with Amirah Inc. Amirah is a multifaceted aftercare organization for survivors of sex trafficking, providing refuges, outreach, and education services. Amirah is a faith-based nonprofit. It was formed in 2011 when a small group of Christians from different churches and denominations banded together and committed to caring for female survivors of sex trafficking who are over the age of 18. As the Amirah Statement of Faith says, “Because of the undeserved love of Christ that has transformed our lives, we feel called to offer unconditional care for others.” Although the Christian faith is inextricably tied to Amirah’s motives and methods, the organization places no obligation or requirement on the organization’s residents, volunteers, or referral partners. An Amirah Church Partner actively engages in the work of domestic anti-trafficking efforts through intentional prayer, committed giving, and active volunteerism. Church partners support Amirah’s work in a specific region for 3-5 years. The Rev. Rob Bacon explained that, as an Amirah Partner, St. Paul’s will do three things. He said, "We’ll host a 'Hope Sunday' on September 25th when Mary Speta, the Executive Director, will preach at our 10:00 service, then offer a brief presentation and answer questions during Coffee Hour. We'll also identify 3-4 wise women who’d like to volunteer for 'direct care' in-home volunteering once per month, for a four-hour shift."(Fr. Rob has just recently become a “Direct Care Weekday Winner.”). "And," said Fr. Rob, "We'll offer an annual donation to support their work."


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