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June Vestry Update

The June Vestry meeting opened with Bible study of Proverbs 8:1-4,22-31 and Colossians 1:15ff. Minutes of last month's meeting were then approved.

Alex Lerminiaux and Jilleen Collins, Youth Co-Ministers, gave us an end-of-year report about Youth Ministry. The Youth Group now has nine members; however, the average attendance is about six. In the winter, the attendance went down to three or four because of youth involvement in sports and jobs. Three members graduated this June.

Alex is leaving St. Paul's because he is leaving Salem State to go to another college further away. He enjoyed his time at St. Paul’s and will miss us but will stay in touch. The Youth Group will be asked to get together for a farewell party for Alex. Jilleen will remain as Youth Minister and feels confident that she can continue on alone.

Kwame Ofori-Asante, Treasurer, presented the Treasurer’s Report. We are right on budget.

Regarding the ongoing construction of the Bethlehem School and church, Dave Garlow, Junior Warden, explained that we will pay for both the school and church renovations in increments of thirds. The last third will be paid at the end of construction. We will hold back approximately $40,000 in retainage. Bethlehem School renovations will be finished on August 9 and the church updates will be completed on August 30.

Heather Doyle, Co-chair of Outreach, spoke about the upcoming B-SAFE programs scheduled for July (see related post) and asked that people sign up in the Great Room to bring needed food items or to help during the B-SAFE days in Chelsea and Reading.

The meeting closed with prayer.

-- By Katie Ahearn, Senior Warden


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