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November Vestry Report

The November Vestry meeting opened with Bible study (Micah 6:8), led by Abbe Moore, Assistant Treasurer. Minutes of last month's meeting were then approved.

Abbe reported that we, as a parish, are in good shape. Pledges for October were $6,000 better than plan.

Dave Garlow, Junior Warden, reported that this summer's Bethlehem School and church renovation projects came in under budget. Still under consideration and review by the Building and Grounds Committee are the condition of the chairs in the Great Room, changing the Narthex chandelier, and noise abatement curtains for the Great Room. Dave also spoke of the problem with the front door binding. Our project architect is aware of the problem and will send a contractor to fix it.

The Annual Audit was conducted by Bruce Rockwell of the Diocese on October 22 and the Vestry reviewed and accepted the audit report.

The meeting closed with prayer.


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